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My Approach

Therapy is about YOU; not me or anyone or anything else.  The relationship that grows in the therapy session is like no other in life.  A lot of trust and vulnerability is required; therefore, I use a lot of relational therapy on your journey with therapy.  Exploring relationships in clients lives that are going well and those that are not can help a lot outside the therapy session.  Building coping skills, distress tolerance, resilience and learning to be more comfortable with the uncomfortable.  


While I am passionate about helping any population learn, grow and experience their best therapeutic environment possible, my true passion is working with children and adolescents. I am also passionate about the family unit and how communication plays in the family to solve any obstacles that are in the way of  running as smoothly as possible, with each voice being heard and validated.

As an adult who had a tumultuous childhood, I understand the power of play and imagination as a way to help children through their trauma and all those big feelings felt by little kids. I have been told that I have a warm, nurturing nature that children are drawn to and I like to use that to facilitate trust with the younger population.

Recent Certifications from PESI*

- The Enduring Neurobiological Effects of Abuse & Neglect


- Expressive Arts as Healing Engagement


- Trust & Meaning in Parent-Child Interactions

- Trauma Conference:  The Body Keeps the Score- Trauma Healing with Bessel van der Kolk, MD

- Telehealth for Mental Health Professionals: 2-Day Distance Therapy Training (Digital Seminar)


- Team Building Workshops

Consults on how to make your teams stronger

- Parent Child Relations 

Exploring discipline and how to approach discipline from all angles

- Workplace Dynamics

What is stopping your team from being unstoppable?

- Coping Mechanisms for Anxiety using Art Expression that you didn’t know you had

* PESI stands for Professional Education Systems Institute and is approved as a provider of continuing education by numerous national agencies and routinely applies for continuing education credits for professionals from state agencies.

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