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Specializing in Anxiety Treatment, Depression and Trauma experiences

Family Dynamics
Improving Family Dynamics and  communication

By examining the family and taking a look at how they communicate (ie. parenting practices, social and emotional needs and stressors) all it takes sometimes is a little outside help to put things back on track. By helping implement consistency and structure, the bonds in a family can become stronger and healthier.

Consults starting at $60.00.  Please contact directly for more information.

Life Coaching
life coaching

One on one self care - Helping you navigate through your life's strengths and weaknesses to become the best version of yourself.

30 minute consults start at $60. 60 minute consults start at $80.  Please contact directly for more information.

Team Building
workplace team building

Building a work environment that keeps employees motivated and preforming at their best. Learn what tools work best for your team and apply them to your workplace's culture and improve employee engagement and moral.

Workplace packages starting at $100.  Please contact directly for more information.

Various Workshops
various workshops

- Everyday Mindfulness

- You're the Artist of Your Own Life

- Social Skills Group (for Kids!)

- Working with Your Inner Child

Contact for availability and pricing.

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