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Tami Ward is the face behind Anchored in Hope Counseling, and is a Rhode Island Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Tami has experience in the mental health field in her personal life for over 20 years.  She has worked with schools, advocating for students with disabilities to make sure they receive the equal education they deserve.  She has taken part in IEP plans, 504 plans and behavior plans such as FBAs throughout her years of working in the community. Tami has been a Girl Scout leader, helped with Surfer's Healing and Special Olympic events and programs.  She is a member of The Rhode Island Mental Health Counselors Association (RIMHCA), The American Counseling Association and is currently the Rhode Island liaison for the New England Association for Play Therapy (NEAPT)

Professionally, Tami has worked in a therapeutic school for seven years.  While her main population is adolescents during her work day, she counseled all populations.  She graduated from RIC in 2015  with her BA in Psychology and recently earned her MA.CMHC (Masters in Clinical Mental Health and Counseling) from Southern New Hampshire University, which is not only nationally accredited, but also CECREP accredited.  This signifies it has the highest standards in teaching future mental health counselors and other mental health fields rigorous training and education to put out the best clinicians possible.

Tami sat for her National Clinical Mental Health Counseling Exam (NCMHCE) and passed in February of 2024.  She has received her licensure and is licensed in Rhode Island as a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LMHC).  She currently works for The Inner You as a fee for service clinician.    

Her future aspirations are to be able to start up her own business. Bring back play to kids, adolescents and even adults who need to nourish that inner child.   She also is looking forward to honing her public speaking skills and have workshops for parents and teachers to be able to help children with mental health needs come together to help the child be the best they can. 


To learn more about CECREP accreditation:


Services Currently Offered

Improving Family Dynamics and Communication
workplace team building
life coaching
various workshops
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